We're having a baby boy!!

We went for our scan today at 3:40pm. We've been waiting 9 weeks for this to come, and it's taken so long. I thought I'd share the good news and pictures with you all! We were over the moon when we were told we are expecting a baby boy!! We have two girls already who are 1 and a half, and two and a half. It'll help to balance the numbers a little lol.

I haven't announced until 21weeks because we've had a lot of problems early on in this pregnancy, and we've also recently suffered two miscarriages. So I have been to and from the hospital for checks and scans here there and everywhere!

Here are some of the pictures of the scans we have :)

4weeks + 6days
At 6weeks + 6days I had another scan, but didn't get a picture with that one!
10weeks + 6days
12weeks + 4days
20weeks + 4days - A baby boy!!
20weeks + 4days - He has a full bladder!
20weeks + 4days - Look at our baby boy's spine! So clear!!


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