Thank you to Mum

We had a lovely day at the Lambing Event at Easton College today. We saw lots of piglets, cows and sheep with their lambs!

After the event, my Mum and Dad popped into Sainsbury’s and got everyone dinner – awwh! It was a lovely surprise! After such a nice day out, we then had a lovely day at their house!

I made Mum and Dad a card to say thank you.

Mum Thank you Card 

Mum Thank you Card Envelope Mum Thank you Card Envelope Back


Here are a couple of photos I couldn’t resist sharing :)  

100_3315Mummy with her FOUR lambs! 100_3310Daddy, Katie (front) & Elizabeth (back) 100_3318Piglets! Three months old. The ginger one in the middle I named Garry hehe!!
100_3344The biggest Pig I’ve ever seen! 100_3354Awwh a little cutie! 100_3358Katie chasing the Ewe and her lambs
100_3360Nanny and Granddad joined us! 100_3429A short pit stop for the girls to have snack :) 100_3404A labouring Ewe (apparently it lasts up to half an hour!!!!)
100_3413Two hour old lambs, still with blood and still wobbly on their legs 100_3418An orphaned lamb taken on by this mother. It’s wearing her dead lamb’s wool – how clever! 100_3425A pen of orphaned lambs. Some are bottle fed every two hours.
100_3433Katie on the bouncy castle - £1 for 5minutes! 100_3451Elizabeth fell asleep... 100_3448
... so Katie got to eat all of their ice cream!!


This is my new friend. I named him George!


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