Punches Galore!

I had been looking around the internet for cute little animals I could make with them. I cannot take credit for original ideas here, and I don’t know where I got the idea for each from…

While Garry was at the gym with the guys tonight, I got to work on these. How cute are they!?!?!!

Punches - Bear
Bear is sooo cute! He is the first I had attempted!

Punches - Bunny 3D
This bunny’s face is partly 3D. To add a little more colour, I gently chalked the little cheeks and dotted them too! Though I forgot to add her whiskers. Oops!

Punches - Lion
I didn’t have any inks at this point, and think if he had have been inked, he would have looked better. But I LOVE him!! He’s adorable!!

Punches - Bunny
Oh no! She’s missing her nose!!! I sadly couldn’t find it when I was doing the photography, so you will just have to imagine a sweet little pink nose (about the same size as her eyes!)

Punches - Reindeer
I (STILL) haven’t managed to finish of Rudolph here – He is missing his antlers!!

Punches - Hippo
And the last punch project I did that evening.. A super cute Hippo!! I got this card from The Paper Shop, and it adds a wonderful sparkly sheen to it :)


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