Valentine's Day is looming

I married my Husband 3 years ago on the 17th February 2007. In the lead up to the wedding we both agreed we wouldn't celebrate Valentine's - what's the point?! However, we always do.

So... I wanted to make a card for him. I planned. I planned some more. I came up with an idea in my head. The finished product isn't exactly how I imagined, but with every new creation, I am learning and developing. Here is the card I made for Garry..

To be honest I'd never really been too steady handed, and so I stamped the I and You onto a piece of seperate red card, just in case I messed it up, as I'd already (nearly) finished the card!

The white card measures 6x6 and the red layer is (I think) 5x5.
I made a heart template on plain paper, and drew around the outside with stitch-like marks in a silver gel pen.
I adhered a bow and buttons with glue dots. I tied a length of ribbon around and knotted at the front of the card.
I decided I wanted to add 'I' and 'you' so stamped these on a seperate bit of the red ardstock, added stitches round the edges. I mounted them onto white/ivory card (which I didn't like as soon as I put them onto the card) and adhered them to the card.

For the inside I found a rubber stamp online and used this with (cheap, rubbish) black ink. Of which I must add, I have now replaced with Stampin' Ups Classic ink!!


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